Tackling emerging regulation changes, discussing strategies, methods, and technological advancements for a robust credit risk framework in the competitive lending environment

7th Annual BFSI Credit Risk Management India Summit 2023

Financial institutions are subject to a number of risks, although credit risk has always been of primary concern to these institutions, its importance became paramount during the recent financial crisis.

Banks and financial institutions in India have gradually embraced open banking through the recent years while adopting sophisticated technologies to meet the needs of its consumers at the same time. This has given rise to an increasing need for risk management across various sectors, given the advent of financial technologies and the continuous change in corporate and government regulations.

Keeping in mind the strong and rapid growth pattern, changing regulations there is a lot of pressure on credit risk departments to take on more responsibility managing their risk exposure.

To be compliant with the regulatory changes, while remaining profitable, requires a step change in the future of credit risk management. The 7th Annual BFSI Credit Risk Management India Summit 2023 which will address the regulatory changes and their implications on banks NBFCs, and Micro finance companies. The summit will also discuss strategies, technology advancement, data management, risk culture, stress testing and understanding the customer behaviours for a robust credit risk framework.



  • Regulatory interpretation and impact of new regulations in credit risk management
  • Credit risk landscape in a post pandemic world as covid-19 recovery continues
  • Promoting the right structure and systematic approach by identifying early sign of credit default
  • Forecasting credit risk for 2022-23 and returning to profitability
  • Digitalisation in credit risk management - How is technology changing and optimising credit risk?
  • Discussing the best practices in linking credit and market risk through successful modelling techniques


  • Fully complying current regulations and design a robust framework to remain competitive
  • Discuss techniques for successful data management and stress testing to minimise risk
  • Strengthen your credit portfolio
  • Understand your customer to ensure responsible lending
  • Gauge how market conditions impact your credit lending policies
  • Working with senior management to develop an effective risk appetite and maximise business performance


Industries who will attend:

  • Banks - Public, Private & Co-operative
  • Financial institutions - all kinds of individual
  • commercial lending
  • Leasing organizations
  • Non-Banking Financial Institutions
  • Credit rating and guarantee companies
  • Insurance companies
  • Underwriting agencies

Professionals from the following functional roles:

  • Credit Risk & analysis
  • Underwriting
  • Debts & recoveries
  • Stressed Asset Management
  • Portfolio Management
  • Retail & Corporate Banking
  • Leasing
  • Loans and guarantees

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