3rd Annual Credit Risk Management India Summit 2018

Tackling emerging regulation changes, discussing strategies, methods and technological advancements for a robust credit risk frame work in the competitive lending environment

3rd Annual Credit Risk Management India Summit 2018

The financial sector has played an important role in this economic transformation. It has significantly expanded its products, services and operations since 1991, and in this period, the proportion of the banked population almost tripled.

The deployment of credit is highly concentrated in the corporate sector, which consumes 50 percent of the credit, followed by 20 percent by the retail sector, 14 percent by micro, small and medium enterprises (MSME), 9 percent by agriculture and 7 percent by financial institutions and others. Keeping in mind the strong and rapid growth pattern, changing regulations there is a lot of pressure on credit risk departments to take on more responsibility managing their risk exposure.

To be compliant with the regulatory changes, while remaining profitable, requires a step change in the future of credit risk management. The 3rd Annual Credit Risk Management India Summit 2018 which will address the regulatory changes and their implications on banks NBFCs, and Micro finance companies. The summit will also discuss strategies, technology advancement, data management, risk culture, stress testing and understanding the customer behaviours for a robust credit risk frame work.

Key Benefits

Post the huge success of Credit Risk Management India Summit 2018, the 3rd Annual will be addressing the regulatory changes, current market conditions, best practices for credit Risk management frameworks, data management, risk culture, stress testing, and understanding the customer behaviors for a robust Credit Risk Frame work

Key Topics of Discussion

  • Banking Governance, IFRS 9 and Changing landscape of Financial Markets
  • Score card validations, trends in risk assessments and Early signs of warning
  • Home finance policies, current and Quantitative vs qualitative approach
  • Credit Portfolios, Stress Testing scenarios and Model components
  • CRO’s perspective, Credit risk in MSMEs and Structured Credit Products
  • Changing face of Financial Services, Behavior and spending patterns
  • New technologies and Impact of new data

Who will you meet?

Industry Professionals from the following functional roles:

Credit Risk & analysis


Debts & Recoveries

Stressed Asset Management

Portfolio Management

Retail & Corporate Banking


Loans and Guarantees

Why should you attend?

  • Understand how to comply with changing regulations ensure responsible lending
  • Learn about the tools and techniques for successful data management and stress testing to minimize risk
  • Understand your customer to customer behaviour in urban and Rural areas
  • Role of the board member and risk team to developing robust credit risk framework
  • Understand the Risks and Challenges in Micro/Rural and Small Enterprises Lending

From which industries?

  • Banks – Public, Private & Co-operative
  • Financial institutions – all kinds of individual Commercial lending
  • Leasing organizations
  • Non-Banking Financial Institutions
  • Credit rating and guarantee companies
  • Insurance companies
  • Underwriting agencies